About Mengistu

A Camden lad, Illustration BA Hons graduate at the University of Bedfordshire, Mengistu is a full time Freelance Caricaturist and Illustrator.

He admits that throughout his school days he was known as 'the artist' and frequently did further practice in his maths class. 

Mengistu expresses himself through various art mediums from cartooning, through to portrait painting, mural painting, tattoo & logo designing and caricatures. He created bespoke artwork for private clients for many years then settled on making a living as a caricaturist before taking a FT course in Illustration at the University of Bedfordshire.

He graduated with Honours in 2014 and straight away he began freelancing as an illustrator and won his first commission as a professional soon after graduation his journey as an illustrator had begun.

Former client have included Olympic Athlete’s Village 2012, The Luton Carnival, Vauxhall Motors and Hoo’s Kids Book Fest. He re-branded the record label for Skeleton Recordings, designed the logo for successful martial arts school, Storm Gym and he has also completed his first illustrated book for pain therapy clinic specialists, Spring Active.